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Who We Are

Mission To create useful products for people all over the world

EDOCODE is a startup company that was founded with the goal of conceptualizing and developing services needed across the globe. We work to create relevant products that will be used by people of all backgrounds. We endeavor to leverage IT/web technologies to provide solutions to everyday inconveniences and ultimately contribute to bettering the world.




EDOCODE 臭銝准桐犖思蝙艾萸潦嫘瑽喋箝具桃怠菜平喋潔璆准扼押芣賬桐犖扼靘∪扎雿踴扼具閬颲潦整准胯扎艾整憭桐犖瘣颯柴芥找靘踴急艾具 IT/Web銵雿踴西圾瘙箝銝桐葉胯怨甜柴艾刻艾整

What We Do


Point Malls

We are developing a "point mall" platform service mainly for domestic credit card companies.

A "point mall" is a web service that allows credit card users to earn more points than usual by shopping online through the websites provided by the credit card companies. PUSHCODE was initially developed as a common function of the Point Mall.

Although it would require considerable cost and manpower for a card company to develop such a system in-house, EDOCODE provides the core system as a platform.

We started working with the first credit card company in 2010, and now there are more than a dozen.


[ Examples of Point Mall sites ] Sumitomo Mitsui Card https://pointupmall.com

Tokyu Card https://www.tokyupointmall.com


PUSHCODE is a service that makes it easy to implement "web push notifications".

Push notifications on websites are implemented using Push API, a web standard technology, and require a server to deliver notifications. PUSHCODE solves these technical problems by providing web push notifications as SaaS, and also supports flexible customization by providing its own API. PUSHCODE will be a product that will make previously unoptimized "notifications" better. We want to make communication less stressful for the customers who send notifications and for the users who receive them.




Gojiberry is a Shopify app that helps small business owners gain insights about their customers.

We believe that businesses should talk to their customers. When a businesses understand their customers deeply, they can create successful products and services that meets their needs while giving a great user experience.

In an increasingly online world it is increasingly difficult to meet your customers face-to-face. As helpful as data analytics tools are, they lack human context. They lack the "why".

Gojiberry helps small-to-medium business owners connect with their customers and stores to gain deeper customer insights. In doing so, we want to strengthen customer relationships, grow the customer experience, and scale their business with them.


[ Gojiberry ]






胯研詻怒潦桀拍刻怒潦隡蝷整靘 Web萸扎蝯晞艾芥喋押扎喋瑯扼喋啜具扼怒潦柴扎喋撣詻憭敺具扼 Web萸潦嫘柴具扎喋U潦怒典潦扼整瑯嫘怒潦隡蝷整芰冗箝怒舐詨芥喋嫘其犖∼敹閬扼EDOCODE 臬箏凳具芥瑯嫘押押潦具行靘艾整PUSHCODE 胯扎喋U潦怒桀梢璈賬具阡箝整



[ 扎喋U潦怒柴萸扎靘 ] 銝鈭雿怒潦 https://pointupmall.com

望乓怒潦 https://www.tokyupointmall.com



Web萸扎扼柴瑯仿乓胯Push API 具 Web璅皞格銵拍具血鋆整整乓靽∼萸潦潦敹閬扼Web瑯仿乓 SaaS 扳靘 PUSHCODE 胯銵芸憿閫瘨整祈芥 API 靘具扳頠芥怒嫘踴扎箝怒撖曉艾整PUSHCODE 胯整扳拙艾芥乓胯准胯怒芥艾整乓靽∼憿批恥怒具艾阡乓靽∼艾潦嗚潦怒具艾嫘研嫘桀芥喋乓晞潦瑯扼喋摰整扼




Gojiberry 胯鈭箝撠閬璅∼芥詻嫘芥潦潦憿批恥扎喋萸扎敺 Shopify U芥扼


Gojiberry 胯摰X具桅“摰U扎芥瘛晞憿批恥扎喋萸扎敺萸潦整具扼憿批恥V撘瑕瑯摰X柴詻嫘嫘晞潦怒刻艾整


[ Gojiberry ]


Why We Do


We believe that there are always inconveniences in the world. We believe that our raison d'etre is to think about how to eliminate such inconveniences and provide solutions to the world.

We think the difficulty is that even if we have a good idea or a service that users find valuable, it will not be viable without revenue. Our goal is to create an organization where the three elements of users, technology, and business support each other in a well-balanced manner while developing products.

If we can achieve this, we should be able to create services that solve inconveniences in the world, and we believe it is the mission of EDOCODE to do so.





扼啜銝桐葉桐靘踴閫瘨扼萸潦嫘踹箝胯柴 EDOCODE 桐蝙賬扼刻艾整

How We Do


Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that if we want to create a product that can be used by people all over the world, it is better to have a diverse organization, so we actively hire people from various cultures and backgrounds.

The more diverse we become, the more people with different opinions and ways of thinking from our own. For this reason, I believe that we must also carefully consider the concept of "inclusion" in a highly diverse organization.

Remote work has become the norm, and communication has become even more difficult than before. As chit-chatting has been greatly reduced, talking about topics other than work and talking about each other's backgrounds at a moment's notice has disappeared, and it has become difficult to know what kind of values our colleagues have.

We believe that how to solve such issues will become a theme for organizations in the future. If you're interested in these issues, we hope you'll join us at EDOCODE!

The current composition of EDOCODE employees is as follows. (As of February 2024.)



Compared to a few years ago, our diversity in terms of gender and nationality has improved, and EDOCODE is looking forward to working with people who understand diversity and respect for the individual.







隞敺押艾柴芾玨憿閫瘙箝艾蝯蝜柴潦怒芥艾冽整憿怨喋嫘胯 EDOCODE 怒詻扼扎喋艾扼嚗

曉具 EDOCODE 蝷曉∼格胯隞乩柴具扼 嚗2024撟2對


撠急嫘具瑕戊瘥賜扼臬瑽扼孵艾整EDOCODE 胯隞敺憭瑽扼桀怒扎衣閫嫘具脖蝺怠刻艾整